Python Serverless Microservices english

Nilo Ney Coutinho Menezes

Microservices and serverless are hot topics in web development communities that when combined increase the potential for developers to make software faster and to host it much cheaper than traditional virtual private servers. This talk aims to present a minimal set of tools to start developing Serverless Microservices using Python. With the serverless framework configured for Python, developing a new microservice API becomes very easy. The framework provides a set of tools to pack Python dependencies and also deploys the required infrastructure to the cloud, enabling infrastructure as code since the start of the project. Although the serverless framework is used during this presentation, no other Python framework is required, making it as easy as possible to start with plain Python code.

I'm a software architect that loves to program in Python and to design new software to run in the cloud. A professional computer programmer since the '90s, I have a BS (Data Processing) and MS (Informatics, computer networks) degrees from the Federal Univerisity of Amazonas (Brazil) and an incomplete PhD at the University of Mons (Belgium). I wrote a book about Python Programming for beginners, published in Portuguese and Spanish. I try to participate in the Brazilian Python community, especially in the North region of Brazil (9 states), trying to spread Python in the Amazon area.